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Hurricane Sandy: a trip to the grocery store

We’re lucky to have an open grocery store in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, even if it’s not functioning at maximum capacity.



Perishable items were either not to be found or locked up.  Still, we were able to get plenty of food.  Hope everyone out there is safe, stocked and has a more understanding employer than I do.

Greg’s Guardian Angel [review]

gregs-guardian-angelGreg’s Guardian Angel is the newest joint venture from All Things Random Productions and Phalanx Film/Video Productions.  (If you’re not familiar with these guys, check out these posts.)  This comedic short pushes all the right buttons and does things that we haven’t seen before from this team, even if they have dabbled in religion before.

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Things to do while you’re waiting for Hurricane Sandy

Still got power and looking for things to do on the internet and what have you  while you’re waiting for Hurricane Sandy to ruin your life?  I have a few suggestions:

Perhaps you might grab your loved ones and ROCK THEM LIKE A HURRICANE! Read the rest of this entry

Storm’s a-comin’


You can always tell when a big storm is coming just by the state of the water aisle:  if it’s bare, beware!  (That little rhyme works for safe sex, too!)
Anyway, be safe, stock up on water and stay inside.

The 5 Greatest Songs by Michael Jackson

You can say whatever you want about Michael Jackson, but that dude could put out some tunes.  In 2003, Epic put out Number Ones, a collection of his songs that all hit that magical mark on the charts, and you’d think that’s what I’d want to hear, but I was surprised that not only did this include songs of his I didn’t especially like, there were songs I didn’t even know.  In the end, I realized I needed a much smaller collection to satisfy my Michael Jackson needs.

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It’s Bib Fortuna!

It’s Bib Fortuna! You know, from Return of the Jedi!  Oh wait…


Wait, no it’s not, it’s just a squash or something. 
How sad is it that I know that dude’s name?

Fortune Cookie Fortunes are not Fortunes

The first post I wrote specifically for this site was about how crappy fortune cookie fortunes were.  That was back in the sumer of 2010, and the situation has not improved.


What am I supposed to do with this crap?  “Good bakers always make plenty of dough.”  What…  what?  Is that a metaphor? This is complete and total ass.  I give up.

11 movies starring Kevin James that are the opposite of good


Cutting edge comedy!

There are few comedians I have more disdain for than Kevin James.  (Well, Adam Sandler – I can’t abide any more of that guy.)  From his family friendly Al Bundy on King of Queens (“I played high school baseball!”) to his current reign of terror at theaters, Kevin James is a miserable performer in miserable stories, often using his more than ample sized ass to be the butt of the joke.  After reviewing his filmography, you have to wonder why Hollywood keeps letting him make movies (much to Hollywood’s credit, they did get a handle on Rob Schneider and have done a good job at keeping him from Bigalowing since 2005), but a quick look at the list will…  well, only complicate matters.  Let’s dive in… Read the rest of this entry

Night of Too Many Stars Gives Promise Conan Will Dress Funny, But Not Donate Money

conan-obrien-night-of-too-many-starsConan O’Brien is part of the “Night of Too Many Stars” charity that raises money for autism.  Just to be clear – this is a good thing.  The Team Coco folks have a goal of raising $100,000 for autism, and if they hit that goal, Conan will perform an entire show rocking a spray tan and cornrows.  This premise, however, seems fundamentally flawed. Read the rest of this entry

This broken wine glass will blow your mind!


Are you speechless?  You’re speechless.  Apparently, this can happen if you put an ice cube in a wine glass. 

You’ve been warned.

Uncanny Avengers #1 cover is awful most of the time


This is the cover for Marvel Comics new flagship title, Uncanny Avengers.  See, it’s half X-Men (who are uncanny), half Avengers… That’s not the point.  The point is, they look like they’re melting – especially Cap and Thor.  It’s one fugly cover. 

You’d like to think that Marvel gave a big job to somebody and they fucked it up, but on the same day this issue was released, Marvel released multiple alternate covers for the same issue.  Like they always do.  Here are just a few examples:



So why didn’t they plaster one of these all over the place instead of that crap factory way up top.  I don’t get it.  Marvel makes weird decisions.

Rice Krispies Treats: now with wrappers you can write on


Whew!  Thank God Kelloggs finally got their shit together and created a Rice Krispies wrapper you can write on.  I can’t eat them because they’re not vegan, but sheesh, a snack wrapper you can’t write on is like a day without sunshine.

Everybody can relax now – go back to your day knowing that at least one of life’s great problems has been corrected.

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