Better Know Your Hitchcock: The Man Who Knew Too Much

the-man-who-knew-too-much-movie-poster-1956Dr. Girlfriend and I are on a major Alfred Hitchcock kick, and we thought we’d take you along for the ride.  We’re going on a tour of some of his most famous films, a journey that’s sure to be filled with thrills, chills and other stuff that people thought would look good on a movie poster.  I’m not going to bother scoring or all out reviewing Hitchcock’s movies because they’re all great, all classics – this is more of an awareness campaign reminding you to check ‘em out.  Today, we’re taking a look at The Man Who Knew Too Much – the 1956 version, not the 1934 film of the same name.

Hitchcock had to satisfy a contract with Paramount, so he remade his own movie twenty years late, but he didn’t do it half ass:  he wouldn’t let the screen writer see the original or read the script (Hitchcock just told him what he needed to know) or watch the 1934 version of the movie.  Instead, Hitchcock just told him the plot points he needed to know.

It might start a little slow, but once The Man Who Knew Too Much gets rolling, it’s an unstoppable Juggernaut of entertainment.  Doris Day doesn’t just sing – she’s an amazing actress who isn’t overshadowed by Jimmy Stewart’s performance or legend.  This flick is certainly one of my favorite Hitchcock movies.  If you’ve already seen this flick, re-watch the scene below for your own entertainment just to remind yourself how powerful images and music can be when paired together by a master – dialogue is for amateurs!  And if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you get to it.

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