“Of course you realize this means war” (or: seriously, I’m pissed at Mitt Romney)

mitt-romneyI like to poke fun at Mitt Romney as he’s someone I genuinely disagree with.  Now, his status as “someone I genuinely disagree with” has changed after the events of the last few days, which I will briefly recount in the order they occurred.

  1. Many protest a film posted online “that depicted the Prophet Muhammad, Islam’s founder, as a villainous, homosexual and child-molesting buffoon” at American Embassies throughout the Arab World
  2. The American Embassy in Egypt issued a statement calling for calm and religious tolerance for those of all faiths
  3. Mitt Romney’s campaign issued the following statement:  “It’s disgraceful that the Obama administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.”
  4. Ambassador Stevens and three members of his staff were killed in Libya
  5. The White House made a statement condemning the violence and the deaths and disavowed the The Egyptian Embassy’s statement
  6. Romney denounced Obama for not defending the filmmakers’ free speech rights. “Apology for America’s values is never the right course.”

I have a problem with Romney’s statements because:

  • The first statement Romney didn’t like came from the Egyptian Embassy, not the White House
  • The Egyptian Embassy made their statement BEFORE Ambassador Stevens and three members of his staff were killed
  • The Egyptian Embassy’s statement’s intent was to curtail violence, not to sympathize with the protestors
  • Instead of saying something like, “We, as a free people, observe the right to free speech, but condemn all such acts of violence,” Romney said:  “They clearly — they clearly sent mixed messages to the world. And — and the statement came from the administration — and the embassy is the administration — the statement that came from the administration was a — was a statement which is akin to apology and I think was a — a — a severe miscalculation.”  So he could have backed off his original statement, but instead, he decided to double down on calling the Egyptian statement crappy and continued to attack the president instead of trying to act like a president – presidents don’t make political attacks in these statements.

Four people are dead, and they were attacked on September 11th.  Does Romney really think this is a good time for political opportunism?  Because if it’s not opportunism, then Romney and his staff are either idiots or didn’t do their due diligence (as in not knowing the difference between the Egyptian Embassy and the White House), but I believe that it’s much more likely that they willfully ignored reality or simply shaped it to fit their “Obama apologizes for America” theme that they love to beat into the ground.  He could have backed off after he found out about the deaths, but instead, he doubled down on the first stupid thing he said and then said another stupid thing.  And to twist this situation for political gain IS FUCKING HORSE SHIT!!!

This changes Romney from someone I disagree with to someone I actively dislike.  I had little to no interest of taking a Pro Obama line on this website before this, but Romney has pushed me too far now.  Sure, I was always going to vote for Obama, but now, I’m going to start actively campaigning for him because the Romney definition in my brain has just changed from “I disagree with him” to “He’s a jerk.”

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