Random Texts Sent Between Mitt Romney and His Campaign Manager

mitt-romneyPoliticians must text, right?  It’s a standard mode of communication these days and I’d have to imagine it’s an invaluable tool during the constant on the go of a presidential campaign.  Here’s what I imagine the texts exchanged between Mitt Romney and his campaign manager look like.

Also, 10 bucks says Mitt uses a Blackberry.

MR:  Just saw headline:  “Our campaign will not be dictated by fact checkers.”  WTF?!?  Did you really say that?  That makes it sound like we don’t like facts.
CM:  Facts will not win you this election.  What’s your position on abortion again?
MR:  …
CM:  Exactly.
CM:  Just saw you on TV make a birther joke.  We talked about not saying stuff like that when broadcast grade cameras are rolling!
CM:  Just got off the phone with Paul Ryan – he said yes!  So pumped!
MR:  Who the hell is PR and said yes about what?
CM:  Said yes to VP.  He’s the budget guy.
MR:  The guy who wants to turn Medicare into a voucher system?  Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!
MR:  Does Ryan really not know the difference between 2008 and 2009?  Or, worse, does he not know the difference betwen GWB and Obama? [this]
MR:  That wasn’t Ryan who said the, “legitimate rape” thing, right?
MR:  I didn’t approve that Clint Eastwood bit, did you?


MR:  LOL, I’m packing more than THAT!

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