Hope Springs movie trailer

This is what I get out of the above Hope Springs trailer:

The Trailer:  “The spice has gone out of their marriage!  Tommy Lee Jones just wants to sleep in his arm chair!”
My Response:  Dude, that guy is like 70 – if he wants to sleep… let him. He’s earned it.  Did you see No Country?  He’s awesome in that (Well, he’s awesome in everything.  He elevated Batman Forever from a C to a B all by himself!), and the whole point of the movie was that his character was old.  Too OLD!

The Trailer:  Meryl Streep’s character:  “We’re in a rut!  You can tell because we just ordered more cable channels.”
My Response:  Na, you’re just 70.  Relax a little so neither of you die.  Hence the staying home and watching TV.
The Trailer:  Steve Carell is like “SUCK HIS DICK!  Practice on a banana so you do it right!  SUCK IT!”
My Response:  Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Relax.  I’m not saying I can ever imagine favoring sleeping in an arm chair over a blow job, but again, the man is like 70, so let the dude sleep.
The Trailer:  It’s not too late to get the spice back into your marriage.
My Response:  Sure, that’s fine… sex is fine.  In fact, sex for those over 60 is fine, too.  However… I’m not sure you can play up this respark our sex life/marriage story when the couple has been married for 30 years.  See, the problem is, the audience is not expecting people of this age to be especially concerned with sex.  Because, you know…  concentrating on not dying at this point.  Not sex so much.
The Trailer:  You’ve got to keep your head up
My Response:  OK, stop right there-
The Trailer: Whoa-oh!
My Response:  Stop it!  Stop!  Stop right now!  This song is ridiculous and sounds like it was exclusively written for movie trailers.

“I’m reading about sex! It’s shocking, BUT I LIKE IT!!!”  (This is the poster.  They made Meryl Streep make this ridiculous face on the poster.)

I guess I just don’t understand why everything has to be so on the nose.  I get it – Meryl Streep wants sex.  Why didn’t they just call the movie Sex After Sixty?  I love Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, but… meh.  This movie looks extremely meh.

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