Daredevil Annual #1 [comic book review]

While comic books as an industry and product seem to be dieing a slow death, that doesn’t keep the companies that make them from desperate cash grabs.

A comic book annual is a yearly special that is larger in size (more pages) than a regular issue and generally tells one grand, inclusive story.  Daredevil Annual #1 seems to make an attempt at both telling an inclusive story but also linking this issue to other annuals -specifically, those of Wolverine and the Fantastic Four.  Comic book crossovers are the oldest trick in the book when it comes to fooling readers into buying extra books, but when they do an annual crossover, it’s especially rude for three reasons:

1.  The story has nothing to do with current plot lines
2.  The story isn’t especially interesting
3.  Annuals are currently priced at $4.99

Check out the last page:


No.  No, fuck you guys -I’m not buying 2 more books to learn how the rest of your crappy story goes.  You can suck it.

And was there really a need to restart the numbering of Daredevil’s annuals? 


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