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Melrose Place…?


There used to be this show on FOX called Melrose Place concerning the inhabitants of an LA apartment complex of the same name.  The show didn’t have much in the way of lasting value… or so I thought.  Having recently been in Charlotte, North Carolina, we had the privilege of passing an actual Melrose Place.  I can only assume that had we lingered there, someone would have burst out of the building in an effort to have our baby, steal our baby or just straight up kill us.

Rock out with Spider-Man!


That’s right, folks:  it’s time to rock out with Ultimate Spider-Man!  Why, you ask?  Don’t ask why, just do it!  It makes perfect sense!  Here’s what you get:


So this is all you need to start a band…  well, a Spider-Band, I guess.  You just need a non-descript drum, a tambourine, a recorder, a set of maracas, a set of castinets and a clacker…  so I guess Spider-Man wants to feel the hot latin beats.   And I’ve got no poblem with that.

In fact, I have to head back to the store and pick this set up right now!

Deceptive Plastic Silverware


Yep, that’s plastic silverware .  I was totally fooled.

Bumble bees and bugs


That’s a bumble bee, right?  I don’t actually know and I didn’t bother to look it up.


There he is again!  (I have no idea if that is a male our a female.)


In the case of this bug…  I don’t even know what to look up and I couldn’t get a good pic of him with my phone cam…  So you’ll have to just trust me when I say that he is an unusual looking bug.

DC Comics drops zero issue [I don’t get it]


In my ongoing effort to bring geeky information to those of you who don’t give a crap…

DC recently dropped zero issues for several of their books.  Not all of them, mind you, but several.  This baffles me.

In case you were unaware, about last year at this time, DC relaunched several of it’s titles, including stuff that had been running for seventy years, like Action Comics starring Superman.  I took this as an opportunity to stop reading DC books with the exception of Justice League because how hard could it be to write a book starring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman?  (Not to mention Green Lantern, the Flash and [yawn] Cyborg.) 

As it turns out, it was pretty hard.  What followed was the most boring, plodding, ill conceived bunch of crap I’ve ever read.  Seriously, no one has ever written a super hero comic storyline do dull.

Anyway, I told you all of that nonsense so that I could clearly and accurately express how FUCKING BIZARRE I find it that DC Comics is issuing zero issues now.  Are they rebooting their universe annually now?  I know reboots are all the rage, but give me a break.

If this makes sense to anyone, feel free to explain it to me.

“What am I famous for?” – Grace Bedell

She sent President Lincoln a letter and suggested that he grow a beard – SO HE DID.  Crazy, right?  I just assumed Lincoln fancied the beard, always had a beard, or at least always had a beard later in life, but nope – not until 1860.

Check out Grace Bedell on wikipedia and read the letter one little girl wrote to then candidate Lincoln that changed Lincoln’s face forever.

I’m voting for Obama: Part 1


I’ve decided that for part 1 of my “I’m voting for Obama” series, I’d point you in the direction of an infinitely superior writer in the personage of Mr. Peter David:

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Mitt Romney, budding standup comedian

mitt-romney-laughingWho would have guessed that Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney would be so hilarious?  The dude is straight up funny, and that’s no lie.  Here are some of his funniest lines from the campaign trail.

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See, this is why I don’t read ‘ultimate’ comics

For those of you with lives, please be advised that Marvel Comics are divided into two universes:  regular and ULTIMATE!  (Kinda wish ‘ultimate’ was ‘extreme’ so they could introduce new characters:  two teenage twins, one called ‘ Mountain’ and the other called ‘Dew.’)  The Ultimate universe is… well, for lack of a better word, dumb.  To be fair, it started off fun:  a re-imagining of the Avengers in a modern setting.  Then, slowly but surely, it got stupider and stupider, like me as I drink my brain cells to death and keep giving myself concussions from face palming over stuff like this, the most recent chapter in in a novel of blunders.  [spoiler after the jump]


Like this.

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Romney’s Mouth, Meet Romney’s Foot – Video Edition

mitt-romneySince he’s already done the “Romney’s Mouth, Meet Romney’s Foot – Statement Edition,” I guess he thought another round was due.  I imagine that right about now, President Obama is sitting in a room, consulting a calendar. “Hm… it’s not my birthday, it’s not Christmas… Well, either way, I guess I should call Mitt Romney and thank him for his thoughtful gift.” Read the rest of this entry

Hope Springs movie review


My Score: 80%

Last week, I reviewed the Hope Springs movie trailer (which was, admittedly, a weird thing to do), but this past weekend, we did the deed and actually saw the film.  Guess what?  The trailer and the movie don’t match.  And now that I stop and think about that lack of coherency between trailer and film, I realize that’s probably a good thing… Read the rest of this entry

Better Know Your Hitchcock: The Man Who Knew Too Much

the-man-who-knew-too-much-movie-poster-1956Dr. Girlfriend and I are on a major Alfred Hitchcock kick, and we thought we’d take you along for the ride.  We’re going on a tour of some of his most famous films, a journey that’s sure to be filled with thrills, chills and other stuff that people thought would look good on a movie poster.  I’m not going to bother scoring or all out reviewing Hitchcock’s movies because they’re all great, all classics – this is more of an awareness campaign reminding you to check ‘em out.  Today, we’re taking a look at The Man Who Knew Too Much – the 1956 version, not the 1934 film of the same name. Read the rest of this entry

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