5 Best Episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation Season 2

data-sherlock-holmesLet’s roll on with the Star Trek: The Next Generation countdown!  Today, I’m checking out my favorite episodes of Season 2.  Let’s get our Star Trek on!

(You can check out my Season 1 list here.)

It seems that my list is rather Data heavy… well, that’s probably because Commander Data KICKS ASS.  Let’s get our Brent Spiner on…

And now, for your consideration, here are my picks for the 5 Best Episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 2.

“Elementary, Dear Data”
A holodeck character in the personage of Professor Moriarty is endowed with consciousness when Data asks the computer to create an opponent with the capacity to out think Data.

This episode should be more fun than it is, but the holodeck episodes always get my attention.  Professor Moriarty and his evolution is most unexpected and a lot of fun, but still, this episode largely consists of a lot of waiting around.  Geordi’s British accent is friggin awesome, as is Data’s – love the pipe.

“The Schizoid Man”
This asshole guy, who has discovered how to download a human brain into a posatronic matrix uses the treatment on himself and takes over Data’s body.  Everybody is fooled… for about five minutes.
I love watching Brent Spiner do his thing in this episode – so much fun.  It’s predictable from start to finish, but it’s still a great episode, even if you’re yelling at the TV, telling the bad guy he’ll never get away with it.

“The Royale”
I forget why, but Data, Worf and Riker beam down to a planet’s surface, which only seems to include a 20th century hotel amidst a void.
This is a weird one, and the ending reminds me a bit of 2001:  A Space Oddysey, but this episode rocks.  It’s similar to a holodeck episode where the safety protocols don’t work, but it’s still awesome.

“Time Squared”
Time keeps on tripping… into the future… and then it starts over again.  Picard’s future self shows up to help end the loop.
I don’t think this is the best time loop episode ( “Cause and Effect” is my favorite), but then, any episode that ends all The Prestige with a man having to kill his double is cool in my book.

“The Measure of a Man”
Some asshole scientist wants to disassemble Data so he can study him and make more androids, but Data tells that guy to go fuck himself, and a trial is commenced to determine Data’s legal status.
This might be my favorite episode of season 2 as it’s plot resonates, but at the same time… it’s pretty stupid.  How in the hell can Data’s legal status really be in question?  It’s not like they use Data as a tool, like R2D2 – Data is 3rd in command of the the Federation flagship.  It seems pretty clear to me that Data has always been treated as a true individual up until now… and you’d think that a culture which can convert matter to energy and then back again could examine something without taking it apart… in fact, I think we already have a method for that…  what’s it called?  X-Rays?  Pretty sure that’s what it’s called.


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