Who’s Dave Mustaine? And he said WHAT about Obama?

Who’s Dave Mustaine, you ask?  I actually know the answer to this – he’s the guitar player that got kicked out of Metallica during their early days, and then he started Megadeth, a band whose music has no lasting value whatsoever.  You might have seen his name in the news lately because he has a tendency to open his pie hole and say dumb things, but I’m here to tell you that he’s not worth listening to.

Why shouldn’t you listen to him, you ask?  Here are a few things you need to know about Mustaine before you can understand him and what he said.  (What did he say and When & Where did he say it?  Let’s build up to that.)

Dave Mustaine was originally the lead guitarist for Metallica a year after they formed in 1981. He stayed a part of the band until 1983 where he was fired from the group due to drinking, drug use, violent behavior and personality conflicts with James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and original Metallica bassist Ron McGovney.

I don’t know much about Metallica, but they seem like decent human beings.  They’ve been together for a long time and have only had a few line up changes, and one of the times was because their tour bus crashed and unfortunately, Cliff Burton was killed.  So… I’d say that maybe Mustaine was a bit of an asshole since Metallica is famous for having wild parties, using drugs and when they’d run out of drugs, they’d inject alcohol.  Not exactly model citizens, but Mustaine was also a maniac and he still couldn’t get along with these guys…

Anyway, Mustaine formed Megadeth… what’s a Megadeth, anyway?  I don’t usually spend much time thinking about band names or what they mean, but…

Megadeath (or megacorpse) is a term for one million deaths by nuclear explosion.

That’s some choice.

Oh, remember I was saying Mustaine doesn’t seem like an easy guy to get along with?

Over [Megadeth’s] 29 active years, over 20 different people have officially performed as part of the group, with Mustaine being the only constant member.

So… yeah.  He must be a great guy.

[Their first album, Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good!] features a speed metal version of Nancy Sinatra’s classic “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” with altered lyrics, the first of many cover songs performed by Megadeth.

Huh.  Didn’t see that coming.  That is a weird cover song for a thrash metal band, no?  Why cover an already great, classic song?  Pretty sure “Boots” says all it needs to say by itself.

Oh, and there’s this – this is great:

Mustaine dabbled in black magic in his teenage years, which became the theme for the song “The Conjuring” off Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying?. Mustaine stated that it was emotionally difficult to play because of his conversion to Christianity.

“I put two hexes on people, and they both worked and the result was just what I was asking for. Now, it took forever to get that Satanic depression off of me because it’s just like playing with a Ouija board. You open the doorway to the dark side, and spirits come through. It took almost 20 years to get rid of that Satanic depression. I did it when I was 15, and I don’t think I got free of it until I was in my mid-30s. You ask yourself, ‘How is it possible that this is happening to me?’ Well, because you flirted with the devil and you put a hex on somebody and you put another hex on somebody, and, well, you owe him. And that’s why I have a problem playing ‘The Conjuring’ today.”

He… put two hexes on people… and they both worked.  OK.  Uhm… OK.  So we’re talking about a well balanced individual here.

And now, for the grand finale:

“Back in my country, my president,” Mustaine begins and then pretends to gag himself with his finger, “is trying to pass a gun ban so he’s staging all of these murders. The ‘Fast and Furious’ thing down at the border. And Aurora, Colorado, all the people that were killed there. And now, the beautiful people at the Sikh temple.”

So… yeah.  This guy… is… wow.  When people are this crazy and have access to microphones, what should we do?  I guess nothing can be done, but… this is guy crazy.  I can’t even bother to refute his claims because they’re so insane, there’s no point.  I guess the lesson here is… don’t buy Megadeth albums.

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