Wild Parrots in Ridgefield, NJ


I am very excited to report that we have had our first wild parrot sighting!  (Specifically, we saw them in Ridgefield, NJ, right near the Bergen Turnpike.)  Wild parrots (Quaker Parrots or Monk Parakeets… or whatever they’re called) have been wandering around the New York City area for a long time now, but this is the first time we’ve actually seen them in person.  As you can see, they were hanging out with some other birds who were…  I don’t know, feeding or something.  Maybe they were ingesting some pebbles… don’t some birds eat a little bit of rock to aid in their digestion?  Pretty sure I read that in Swiss Family Robinson.  Anyway, seeing parrots chilling on the side of the road is extremely awesome – and yes, I know they have caused some trouble with power lines, but that’s life.


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  1. Yes, they are in fact Quaker Parrots, commonly called Monk Parrots or parakeets.

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