Tomorrow by Silverchair [what in the hell is this song about, anyway?]

New York City has a rock station again… and they’re playing old Silverchair songs.  This is better than not having a rock station, but in all honesty, this is not exactly filling the new music void just by playing “Tomorrow” or Fun’s “We are Young” three times a day.  Anyway, let’s dig into this… this…  song.  I guess it’s a song.It’s twelve o’clock, and it’s a wonderful day,

Really?  That’s what he’s saying?  I had no idea.  It sounds like… hm…  maybe “eash way do wassa e do awa ay.”

I know you hate me, but I’ll ask anyway,
Won’t you come with me, to a place in a little town,
The only way to get there’s to go straight down,
There’s no bathroom, and there is no sink,
The water out of the tap is very, hard to drink,
Very hard to drink.

Who hates you?  And why?  What place are you going to?  I get that it’s in a little town, but you get there by… going straight down?  Like straight down a street?  If there’s no bathroom or sink, where’s this tap?  Outside?  Like the tap is for a hose?  So it’s a house in a little town, maybe?  Why is the water hard to drink?  Is it hard water?  You know, you can get a water softener…  eh, fuck it.

You, wait til tomorrow,
You, wait til tomorrow.

Who?  Me?  Wait for what?  You’re pro procrastination?

You say that money, isn’t everything,
But I’d like to see you live without it,
You think you can keep on going living like a king,
Oo babe, but I strongly doubt it.

Bro, I have no idea who you’re talking about.  I think you’re saying rich people don’t appreciate their wealth.  Right?  Let’s go with that.

Very hard to drink,
Very hard to drink,
You gonna wait til, fat boy,
Fat boy, wait til tomorrow,
You gonna wait too, fat boy,
Fat boy, wait til tomorrow.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop right there.  What fat boy?  Where the hell did the fat boy come from?  I thought we were talking to a ‘babe,’ as in a woman?  So… no, I guess not.  Maybe ‘babe’ as in ‘baby?’  Maybe… maybe…  maybe this song just sucks.

You, wait til tomorrow,
You, wait til tomorrow,
You gonna wait too, fat boy,
Fat boy, wait til tomorrow,
You gonna wait too, fat boy,
Fat boy, wait til tomorrow.

Thank god you repeated all that.  This made a lot more sense the second time around… and by that, I mean I still have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. 

I can’t believe I bought this album fifteen (ish) years ago…  what the hell does Frogstomp mean?  Then I bought their follow up effort, Freak Show – another sound decision by me.

Anyway, this song is total nonsense.  If anybody figures it out, I’ll email you a Cliff Bar.  Mmm, Cliff Bar… I love those!

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  1. Edward stewart

    Its about him being over waight when he was a kid.and the small town he lived in was hell
    Between the bullying and teasing of his waight issues even his parents werr no support .so he tuff loved him self and lost the waight.its a song to himself.

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