Trying to figure out the whole Bourne Legacy thing

bourne-legacy-movie-posterBy now, you’ve seen the commercial for The Bourne Legacy, and if you’re anything like me, it generates a number of questions in your mind that can’t really be answered, but are fun to kick around.  Such as:

So there’s another Bourne movie… and it doesn’t have Matt Damon OR Jason Bourne?
You might remember that I wrote something about sequels to Jim Carrey movies that don’t star Jim Carrey, so this seems like the sort of thing that would make my head explode – and it does – but not for the reason you might think.  See, in the world of movie making, shit happens.  The first actor that played Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series unfortunately died – as did the lady who played the Oracle in The Matrix movies – and then, after Batman Begins, Tom Cruise locked Katie Holmes up in their house until she finally divorced him, hence keeping her out of The Dark Knight.  Anyway, it’s fine to have a different actor play the same role:  see The Dark Knight, most of the Harry Potter movies (starting with my favorite, The Prisoner of Azkaban), The Matrix Revolutions and other movie series where this happens.  It’s not a big deal.  So:  why in the fuck would you call a movie ‘Bourne’ if ‘Bourne’ isn’t in it?  I get it, it’s marketing, but jeez – can’t Jeremy Renner just play Bourne, James Bond style?  And does the trailer really need to include that picture of Matt Damon from like 20 years ago?  It looks like his photo ID from Good Will Hunting and it was ridiculous enough when they were showing this during the later Bourne movies he was actually in, but now that they’re showing it in this, and it just makes the movie look like a joke.

You’re connecting this flick to the other ones – we get it.  Marketing, money, so on.  I don’t know why you’re bothering, given that there’s no Matt Damon and you’ve created a new character… but money.  Blah.

Jeremy Renner is playing that guy again
So… what… is the deal here?  Is Jeremy Renner incapable of not playing a bad ass?  (Avengers, Mission Impossible, Bourne… presumably The Town…)  I like watching dudes punch other dudes in the face as much as the next guy, but I’m totally positive (totally) that Renner can do other stuff… so why doesn’t he do it?  Maybe punching guys pays better than not punching guys…  because if you check out his filmography, all he does now and all he plans to do in the future is punch guys in the face.  Pencil this dude in for The Expendables 3.

Why in the hell is Ed Norton in this?

Wait, Scott Glen is in this, too?
The Bourne movies aren’t exactly Shakespeare…  but wasn’t he looking at some hard time in a federal prison at the end of the last flick?  And he’s back working at the CIA?  That is unfriggin’ believable, even for these movies.

WELL, whatdo you think?  Do we need another Bourne movie?  Are you going to see this?

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