Why does NBC SUCK so bad at broadcasting the Olympics?

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I’ve been watching the Olympics coverage on NBC – or rather, I’ve been trying to.  Almost every time I turn it on, it’s Bob Costas, talking to the camera or interviewing someone who is an analyst or fellow broadcaster of some kind… like when they sent tennis great John McEnroe to interview Ryan Lochte at his Florida home.  That was genius.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Bob Costas or John McEnroe – in fact, I tend to enjoy Costas and McEnroe, but I have to say, I long for a time when broadcasting the Olympics on NBC meant exactly that – you could turn on NBC and watch people throwing shit, jumping over shit, hitting shit or whatever – people would play all kinds of sports on TV.  I didn’t have to go check 10 other cable channels, I didn’t have to go on the web to stream coverage, it’d just be on TV.  As has been the case for the last several Olympics, NBC has turned their coverage into a news/magazine show that shows some sports coverage, but not nearly as much as you would expect from an event that only lasts for weeks, not months, where there is virtually always something going on. Also, it’s time delayed, so if you stray away from NBC, you’ll probably find out how the event unfolded before you watch it.  Unless you watch NBC News – then they’ll tell you the outcome of the Olympic Event you’re about to watch. 

Take that in for a second – hell, read it again.

OK.  I know it sounds ridiculous that NBC News tells you the outcome of the swim meet you’re about to watch in an hour, but it’s not their fault – they’re a news show, and yesterday was Sunday – couldn’t NBC just show things as they actually happen?!?  London is only 5 hours ahead of the United State’s East Coast…  Or they could at least try to do better than a 12 hour delay.  We were flicking back and forth between NBC and ESPN (Red Sox at Yankees), desperately trying not to read the stupid ESPN news crawl while simultaneously attempting to tune out their sewage spewing broadcast team and not go insane from their awful TV directing (seriously, the best way to see if someone is safe or out is a real-time speed replay SHOT FROM A FUCKING BLIMP?!?) – well, at least NBC has got ESPN’s coverage beat.

I don’t know how NBC fucked it up so bad.  I just want to watch sports.  Can’t you just point the camera at the action and not make me watch Ryan Lochte flip over truck tires?

Why does NBC have to shoot gymnastics in medium close up? The commentators will say something like, “Look at the height she gets on this dismount!” but I can’t tell what they are talking about as I can’t see the athlete’s feet, never mind the ground.
Why does NBC only show you who’s in first place after the first lap of a swimming race? I know they just showed the lane assignments a minute ago, but I forget immediately every time. Even if they just showed the leader and just flashed everyone’s name, that would be good enough for me.
Why did NBC cut out the tribute to the victims of the London terror attacks during the opening ceremonies? That was an asshole thing to do.
If they were only going to show two games of a three game set, why did NBC show only games one and three of ladies beach volleyball? The American team lost the first game, their first lose ever, and then they won two straight to take the match. I wanted to see game two, damn it!
Why was Bob Costas interviewing Ryan Seacrest about which women’s sports inspired him the most? Can you think of anything you’d rather know less about?

Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics… NBC will find a way to fuck it up.

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