We’re STILL The Munsters


“We’re the Munsters!”

As a kid, I had a passing interest in reruns of The Munsters, a half assed comedy and full assed rip off of The Adams Family from the mid 1960s.  I’d watch episodes and think sarcastic thoughts like, “Oh, they’re the MUNsters…  instead of MONsters.  I get it.  I get IT!  That’s very clever.”

Also, I liked the theme song very much.  It’s surfer-ific.


“No, we’re the Munsters!”

Then the show came back.  Because obviously, the world just wasn’t right without The Munsters on the air, so we got The Munsters Today (I like this rendition of the theme, too – I really like the excessive chorus effect on the guitar and the singing at the end – how many shows have the cast singing the theme song?!?), which I also watched with passing interest.  It was on for two or three seasons, and it’s not like I never missed an episode, but if it was on and I happened to tune to that channel, I’d watch it.  It went off the air and I didn’t notice – I’m sure nobody else did, either.  I was probably too busy lamenting the lose of They Came From Outer Space, which I loved for some reason.


“No, we’re the – what the fuck is Eddie Izzard doing here? And he’s playing GRANDPA?!?”

Anyway, in an effort to be neither original nor let sleeping dogs lie, the Munster family is coming back again, only this time, the show is called Mockingbird Lane, and from the photo, they don’t look like The Munsters.  Or monsters, for that matter.

So…  I don’t know what the fuck is going on.  I’m totally puzzled by the fact that not only is Eddie Izzard on the show, but he’s playing Grandpa…  I guess we’ll find out.

(I know, this is a weird post that conveys little, but the situation is so strange, I just thought I’d share it with ya’ll.)

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