Heil Honey, I’m Home! [tv review]


This isn’t a review; it’s more like a public service announcement.  For some reason, I think it’s important that you know someone tried to make a situation comedy about Adolf Hitler twenty years ago.Heil Honey, I’m Home has a lot of the same problems as That’s My Bush! as they both try to do an ironic take on American sit coms and fail miserably.  Neither show is funny, but at least That’s My Bush! is centered around Hitler
Because…  you know… it’s… Hitler.

Anyway, the show is totally unwatchable.  I’m sure it gets offensive at some point, or maybe it trivializing Nazism or something, but ultimately, it’s just not funny in any way.  I didn’t make it through the first segment.  I guess it’s supposed to be counter culture (like Nirvana is to Def Leppard or something)… shit, I don’t know what it’s supposed to be.  It’s boring and stupid.  Maybe Heil Honey, I’m Home would have worked as a three minute skit, but this is shockingly bad.  I can’t believe anyone put any money into this terrible idea.

Now you know.  And here’s the clip; watch if you dare.

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