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Lawn ornaments are popular in the greater NYC area, and I’d say the fake plastic deer could be the most often seen, forever grazing.  However, I’d never seen them for sale until just a few weeks ago and I was shocked at how much they cost.  So, take a hard look at that picture and guess the retail price for that entire family of plastic deer.  I’ll put the answer in the comments for this post, and I’d love to hear your guess as mine was WAY OFF.  (If you’ re on the home page, click the title of the post and scroll to the bottom of post to see comments.)

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  1. OK, so I don’t have a complete pricing sheet on these plastic deer lawn ornaments because the big male buck was not labeled, but here is what I do know:
    That big doe laying down (the mama of the family) was $199
    The two kids standings were $165 each
    The two kids that are laying down were $99
    So I’m going to guess and say that the buck is at least $225

    My guess is that the retail value for this entire family is around $950. So you could have this family of lawn ornaments OR you could get an insanely bitching TV that would be no smaller than 40 inches. Just saying…

    Sorry I couldn’t get you the exact figure.

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