Affordable Care Act is ruled constitutional, robs Americans of election year of attack ads



Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional, the aftermath can begin.  In the next few months and years, the law will be implemented, but I’m more concerned with the here and now.  If the court had struck down the law, we would have seen some sweet attack ads in the upcoming presidential election.  Now we can only guess at what we’ve lost…Just imagine music playing in the background while you read these next few sentences.  Music that indicates that President Obama is evil, doesn’t like you (specifically) and is just waiting for you to take the trash out one night before bed so he can jump out from behind a bush and FUCKING KILL YOU!

Anyway, if the law had been stuck down, I think the attack ads from the opposition would have gone something like this:

Barack Obama thinks all Americans should have health care.  What a snob!  Even the Supreme Court had to step in to put a stop to his socialist ways.  This November, vote for Mitt Romney – he wouldn’t make you buy something you didn’t want and will never need!

The Supreme Court has ruled that Barack Obama doesn’t understand the Constitution.  Is that the sort of president you want?  Some guy that just goes around endorsing laws that are unconstitutional like the Patriot Act I mean Obama Care?  This November, vote for Mitt Romney – he only pushed for the same law when he was governor of Massachusetts, but that was totally different.  TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

The Affordable Care Act has been struck down by the Supreme Court.  Obama wanted to have socialized medicine in this country and that’s funny…  because I seem to remember another guy who liked socialized medicine:  HITLER!  This fall, vote Quimby… I mean Romney!

Now the best we can hope for is, “This fall, Mitt Romney is asking for your vote.  We know he’s already got four, plus his own, so that’s five…  won’t you join him?”

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