My Hand! (I’m serious this time.)


Guess I shouldn’t of made that joke about my hand the other day, because since then I’ve contracted poison ivy and I slammed my finger in the front door.  So the lesson here is don’t garden without gloves on.  No wait, it’s don’t cry wolf.  No wait, it’s close all doors by using the doorknob, not the door itself.

Anyway, this Ivarest cream works pretty well so far.  Just do yourself a favor and get to the pharmacy at the first sign of outbreak.

UPDATE:  The cream is better than nothing, but there is no substitute for being really cold.  I’m pretty sure that the cold constricts your pores and therefore, you don’t have get itchy.  Crank up the a/c and chill.

Wow.  That was lame, even by my standards.

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