X-Factor #237 (comic book review)


Rahne is still down in the dumps about rejecting her demon spawn baby, but Theresa and Lorna are tired of her moping. Like the cover says, Road Trip! (Too bad Tom Green wasn’t available.) Off they go to visit on of Madrox’s dupes, who lives as a priest. They hash out all of Rahne’s recent history until she has a few good cries and decides that she needs to connect with her kid – great splash page at the end.

Meanwhile, at the Ben and Jerry’s factory: “In space, no one can hear ice cream.” I kid you not. BUY THIS ISSUE! That joke alone is worth $2.99. Not to mention Neil Edwards’ outstanding pencils.

I am really getting tired of these Farmers Insurance ads featuring people dressed in crappy Avengers costumes. I mean, I’ve got a house and a car, so I have to deal with insurance just like anybody else, but honestly, when I sit down to read a comic book… I’m just not thinking about that sort of thing. Oh and that guy eating Red Baron Pizza all the time? He’s pissing me off, too. I’m also pretty sure Marvel wants us to try digital comics – the free digital offers are everywhere. Yeah, pretty sure… but I don’t just download a PDF or something, right? I think you actually have to download an app, and for some reason, that’s not appealing to me at all. I don’t know why – everything else requires you to use a an app, but for some reason, I just don’t want to do it. STOP PRESSURING ME! I’LL TRY IT WHEN I’M READY!

WHEW! Thanks for letting me get all that off my chest! Back to the book. Wait, one more thing – does anyone know why Lorna’s hair is green? That bugs the crap out of me.

I have no idea why those cops wanted to arrest Theresa for clearing the tree out of the road – it kinda seemed like an excuse for Lorna to make the care fly… and I’m fine with that. In any case, I really admire Peter David’s story telling in this issue – Madox’s dupe is the perfect character to handle the Rahne issue, and whipping out the cat-o-nine tails was a great touch for someone like Rahne… although I have to say that for a character that is as into her Christianity as Rahne is, she sure doesn’t seem to know anything about the standard nature of God that every branch of Christianity has been preaching fairly consistently for the last 50+ years. Maybe being a mutant were-wolf interfered with her Sunday School schedule.

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