My 5 Favorite People On The Internet

james rolfe, gail collins, dan o'brien

…and Thomas Jefferson.

I love the internet, but not just for its ability to make life easier – it also makes life better.  This doesn’t happen by accident.  Many talented people work long hours to create all of the great content that floats around out in cyber space (do people still say ‘cyber space?’) that would be otherwise unavailable or overlooked.  Today, I humbly present to you my 5 favorite people on the internet – a Digital Mount Rushmore, if you will.

Rob Bricken
Topless Robot is a fantastic site that collects all things nerd and posts them in one convenient place.  Whether it’s movies, video games, comics or new products, Rob is on top of it.  You need to check out TR daily, or you’ll fall too far behind.

Gail Collins
Nobody columns like Gail Collins.  Sure, she writes books, too, but we can’t wait that long.  Instead, we get a few quick columns a week as Gail weaves a hilarious tapestry through modern political, entertainment and other news and often finds a connection to something from American history.  Or the fact that Mitt Romney once drove to Canada with his dog strapped to the roof of his car.

Dan O’Brien
DOB is another great columnist, but in a very different way than Gail.  DOB writes great satire, fictional accounts, open letters, points out the ills of society (and his own)…  you name it.  Every Friday, you have an appointment with DOB – don’t be late.

James Rolfe
James Rolfe’s site is the home to his various video series, most notably The Angry Video Game Nerd.  There’s countless hours of entertainment on Cinemassacre, including his other series, such as Board James, You Know What’s Bullshit?, Overanalyzers, movie reviews, lists and more – and every October, he does Monster Madness, which reviews a different monster or horror movie every day of the month.  I’ve written about James before, but leaving him off this list was impossible.

Brad Vietrogoski
Brad’s unique New York Yankees blog features a combination of statistical analysis and comedy, and frankly, it’s just perfect.  NoMaas might have been the first silly Yankees blog, but Brad’s is better.  His posts are also featured at The Yankee Analysts, but when I run across his stuff there, I just wish I was already at An A-Blog for A-Rod.

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