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A few months ago, my 32 inch waist pants were getting pretty snug and stuffing myself into them was becoming a struggle.  In early May, this issue went away.  What happened?

I’m lazy, so I don’t have any data; I don’t know how much I weigh now, never mind a few months ago.  Still, my jeans would argue that my waist line has been reduced.  I don’t know how this happened, but here are five things that are different about my life when pitting the period of February through April against May to now:

  1. My stress level has been significantly reduced since May began
  2. During Feb- Apr, I used to drink 2 sodas a week; one on Wednesday night and one on Saturday at lunch
  3. I’m drinking WAY MORE beer since May began – in fact, from Feb – Apr, I rarely drank beer, if ever
  4. I’m drinking WAY LESS wine
  5. I’m walking my dogs a few times a week instead of just letting them hang out in the yard – we don’t go very far; maybe 10 or 15 minutes

So how did I lose the weight?  I don’t see any significant change in the list…  the increase in exercise is so minimal that I can’t imagine that’s having much of an impact, so let’s take a look at the wine/beer/soda thing.

I would think beer is, from a waist line perspective, worse for you than wine, so that seems like something that would make me fatter, not thinner.  Wine and beer probably have some minimal nutritional value, as opposed to soda, which I’m sure has no nutritional value whatsoever.  So was it the soda that was killing me?  Was the high fructose corn syrup sticking to my middle as closely as the Grim Reaper follows around Mitt Romney’s pets?  (Huh…  that’s an obscure reference at best.)  I think I read about a relationship between weight gain and stress way back in that health class I had to take in college, but I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to check.

Well, there you have it.  I guess the keys to loosing weight are:

  1. reduce stress
  2. don’t drink soda or wine
  3. drink lots of beer
  4. walk around a little bit every once and a while

It’s working for me…  based on the highly scientific method of how well my close fit.

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