Frozen Yogurt Stores Are Taking Over!

In the last year or so, frozen yogurt stores have been popping up all around me.
Like Starbucks, CVS and Sleepy’s before them, frozen yogurt stores are the latest business to get all up in my grill. They’re frigging everywhere – on Main Streets in every town, inside every mall. These are just the few I took pictures of. And what’s with the names? Why are they all pun-ish? I guess ‘Frozen Peaks’ isn’t a pun, but it is a little fancy for a create your own frozen yogurt combination store. Meanwhile, the other stores are really trying to get all the millage they can out of Y and O being the first two letters in the word ‘yogurt,’ therefore creating an easy opportunity to take their frozen yogurt gangsta and tell the community, "Yo! We got frozen yogurt up in this biz-nitch!" What year do frozen yogurt shop owners think it is? Very strange. I wish ‘yoboys’ would have went the full nine yards and gone with ‘YoBoyz!’ instead, but they made up for it by having Monday evenings feature a discount for women – that’s right, it’s lady’s night at the frozen yogurt store! It’s gonna get wild up in there after 4 PM! I hope "Yo-Lish" does a commercial and they hire me to write it so I can have some urban youths proclaim that "Yo-Lish is crazy delish!" That would be awesome.

It’s too bad that I don’t eat frozen yogurt.

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