Musings (May 29, 2012)

Just a few random musings on a sleepy afternoon…

Today’s Weather
It’s a nasty day here in the greater NYC area. 91 degrees, 46% humidity – every step outside of air conditioning is nearly torture. “Grown men were going up to cops on the street and begging them to shoot ’em.” Give yourself a point for identifying that quote. Traffic, Social Media…
Last Friday (May 25) was the busiest day has every had – 381 views. Why, you ask? Maybe it’s because I wrote about Harry Potter that day. Maybe it was the day before a long weekend and people were just chillin at their office, reading the internet. Maybe it’s because I posted that shiz up on readit… Oh yeah, that was why – a ton of traffic came to the blog via readit – over 150 clicks. Hardcore. I also discovered the joy of StumbleUpon that Friday – if you’ve looking to waste time on the internet, I recommend giving it a try. Give yourself a point if you have a life (and/or a career) and don’t have time for StumbleUpon.

Please stop saying “More Cowbell”
I saw the “More Cowbell” Saturday Night Live skit 10 years ago, and it was funny. So bravo – people remembered something funny! (Just as a quick heads up, Christopher Walken can be funny as hell when he feels like it. Some of my favorite Christopher Walken moments can be seen in Batman Returns, True Romance or The Continental skit on SNL.) The problem is not just that this reference has overstayed it’s welcome, but that it was never funny in the first place. People in my office say it all the time, it pops up in movies and I don’t get why. Let’s put a lid on this once and for all. Give yourself a point if you don’t make this reference.

Ads on
In an attempt to recoup expenses (and buy more video equipment), there are now ads on Gooooooooo capitalism! The ads you see on the site are powered by Word Ads. Do you think they have a relationship with Pepsi? I’m pretty sure they do. Also, that woman’s face freaks me right the fuck out. Give yourself a point if you like Pepsi.

I got two points. How’d you do?

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  1. Stumbleupon is like chocolate – you can’t stop when you start! Half the time I forget why I was on the computer in the first place..

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