Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Sandwich!

vegan-egg-saladEvery once and a while, I have an idea, execute the concept and the results are great – this is one of the times.  Here follows the combining of many things to make one thing that is ULTIMATE!  Prepare thy self!

smart-baconTo make “The CreativeJamie.com Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Sandwich!” you’ll need to assemble the following:

  • vegan tofu salad, egg salad style – I used half a container per sandwich, but that’ll depend on the size of the container…
  • protein strips (vegan bacon, but not seitan style!) – 2 strips per sandwich
  • vegan cheese (i recommend cheddar style, but I guess American or your favorite will do) – 2 slices per sandwich
  • vegan-cheeseround roll
  • hot sauce (or ketchup, or nothing)
  • salt and pepper (optional)

As long as you know somewhere you can purchase these items (if you’re tough, you can make them yourself, but that’s beyond me), you’re basically done.  All I did was cut the rolls in half, assemble my materials on the bottom of the bun and pop them in the toaster oven, cut and half and serve.  I didn’t toast the top of the roll, and for some reason, I think this was a KEY to the sandwich’s success.

In an effort not to punish my waistline anymore than I was already doing, I cooked the bacon in the toaster oven rather than frying it, but you do what you need to do.  Then, I assembled the sandwich:  I put the cheese on the roll, then the egg salad, and finally the bacon and plopped the whole thing in the toaster oven until warm to hot.

That’s it.  You’re Ultimate now!

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Jamie Insalaco is the author of CreativeJamie.com, BomberBanter.com and editor in chief of ComicBookClog.com

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