Dharun Ravi Only Got 30 Days?!?

Dharun Ravi has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for using a webcam to spy on his roommate, Tyler Clementi, having sex with a man in their Rutgers University dorm room, and as you undoubtedly know, Mr. Clementi later jumped off the George Washington Bridge to his death after he discovered Mr. Ravi made the encounter public knowledge via Twitter.  I think Mr. Ravi got off light, but not everybody feels the same way.  The idea put forth by Mr. Ravi’s supports that he deserves sympathy and leniency is enough to make me want to puke.

The first rule of negotiation is ‘never accept the first offer.’  That’s fine, and it sounds like a sound tactic.  When this matter first came to the courts, the prosecution offered three to five years in prison, but with a chance that the judge could waive any prison time and the defense did not accept this offer.  I can understand the refusal – if you’re an attorney and you hear your client might end up in jail for three years if you lose, and you think, “Oh hells no,” I get that.  However, the prosecution made a second offer:

…in December, [Ravi] rejected a deal that would have allowed him to avoid jail altogether, and instead be put on probation and be required to perform 600 hours of community service and receive counseling. The state would have also helped him try to stave off any attempt by the federal government to deport him. Ravi, a citizen of India, could face deportation.

No jail time.  600 hours of community series works out to 70 eight hour days.  Oh, and counseling.  Boo.  Fucking.  Hoo.  Take the deal!  How can you not take that deal?  I’d love to know if Mr. Ravi refused to take a deal or if his lawyer convinced him not to take a deal.

The bottom line is he didn’t take the deal and now he has to face the consequences, and his family and supporters don’t like that, which makes them seem like a bunch of petulant children.

“The media misconstrued the facts to the public and misconceptions were formed,” [Mr. Ravi’s Mom] said, telling how she watched helplessly as her son sank into despair after he was charged and dropped out of Rutgers, barely eating or leaving the house. “All I could do was hug him and cry.”

Wow.  What an asshole.  I can only imagine the look on Mr. Clementi’s mother’s face when she heard this.  A totally appropriate response would be, “All I can do is go visit my son’s grave, you dumb bitch.”  Do these people not get that Mr. Clementi is dead?

Mr. Ravi is the sort of person that’s just begging to be made an example of; spying on someone, for any reason, is wrong, and Mr. Ravi didn’t even have a good reason.  He’s just some weird dude that…  I guess thinks there’s some comedic value in watching his roommate have sex.  With a man.  And I just want to be clear:  in an informal survey of heterosexual men, they all said the idea of watching ‘gay porn’ isn’t their idea of fun or comedy, so why Mr.Ravi would want to watch this in the first place just opens up a ton of questions about Mr. Ravi – never mind the fact the he told everyone on Twitter that he was watching it.

And he lied about it.  He made up a story stating that he was worried about theft of objects he could have easily just taken out of the room, and of course, there’s the Twitter posts he deleted.  How dumb does Mr. Ravi think we are?  He should have taken the deal.

But he didn’t.  He refused the sweetest plea bargain I’ve ever heard of and now he’s got to face the music – and only 30 days, too, which sucks – he should get at least 6 months.  This guy took away the plaintiff’s most basic right to privacy, the right to live his life how he wanted to without being persecuted, and threw it out on the internet just to be that much more the asshole.  Mr. Clementi didn’t post pictures on Facebook – it was Mr. Ravi who not only had to spy, but had to go on Twitter and tell everyone he is a bad ass… I don’ t know, a bad ass closet homosexual voyeur.  He should thank his lucky stars he only got the 30 days; the jury unanimously found him guilty on all 24 counts and this dingle berry never even bothered to say, “I’m sorry,” in court.

Bruce J. Kaplan, the Middlesex County prosecutor, issued a statement after the sentencing, saying that while his office had not requested the maximum prison term, “it was expected that his conviction on multiple offenses of invading the privacy of two victims on two separate occasions, four counts of bias intimidation against Tyler Clementi, and the cover-up of those crimes would warrant more than a 30-day jail term.”

Fucking A.

Still, even some jurors continued to struggle over the appropriate sentence. One, Susan Matiejunas, said she had watched the proceedings on television all morning and was surprised.

“Thirty days is a slap on the wrist,” she said. “Six months to a year would have been more suitable, since we convicted him on so many counts.”

Ms. Matiejunas telephoned later to say she had reconsidered.

“The kid has spent two years in purgatory just waiting for all of this to end,” she said. “I think probably 30 days really is quite enough on top of all that.”

I see what she means, but frankly, Mr. Ravi was at home, not in jail, so I have to reject her argument.  I’m sure the trial was a stressful situation, but for all I know, that dude was playing Call of Duty and eating potato chips wile ordering pay per view or something.  And the defense has the balls to appeal the sentence.  If they win…  I don’t know.  It’s a bad day for the right to privacy, I’ll say that for certain.

But in the mean time, screw Mr. Ravi and his anguish, and I hope they deport that fucker.  I can only hope that something good can come from all this…  the next time someone finds themselves in a similar situation, hopefully, they won’t be such a jerk.

Go forth, be good to each other, and don’t pull a Ravi.

Ravi, verb, to ‘pull a Ravi’ – to get caught red handed committing a heinous act and then having the balls to lie about it and not apologize
from the CreativeJamie.com dictionary

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