8 Great Shows Streaming On Nextflix

netflix-iconDr. Girlfriend* has Netflix (both streaming and discs) and I have Blockbuster by mail.  This is proof that my English degree doesn’t automatically make me more hip than someone with a math degree.  I really would have thought that’d be the case, but no dice.  However, I did select the Blu Ray player with WiFi and Netflix streaming, and that was life changing.

*My girlfriend doesn’t want to be referred to as “Dr. Girlfriend” anymoreI think she’s making a big mistake – Dr. Girlfriend is a fantastic character on one of the best shows ever (regrettably, not on Netflix streaming), but, the character’s voice is creepy, so I’ll have to come up with something else.  Lady Jaye?  Probably not.  April O’Neill?  Huh… seems to be a theme developing here…

In any case, Netflix streaming kicks major ass, and I thought I’d drop a list of a few great shows that are currently taking up more hours of my life than they should.

Star Trek:  The Next Generation
And it’s not just TNG; you can also get The Original Series, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise.  (Netflix either has a great relationship with Paramount or they love Star Trek.)  My Star Trek knowledge is limited to TNG, TOS and the movies; I don’t know much of anything about the other shows, despite the Star Trek Mania that’s been happening on the site of late.  Getting back on topic:  to say that I recommend TNG is a bit of an understatement.  It’s the show that has everything; you get a little something from every kind of episode a one hour drama can do:  mysteries, dramas, action, adventure, character, romance… and then there’s the court room episodes, the holodeck episodes, the Q episodes, the episodes where someone is stuck on a planet…  Awesome.  And space!  Space rocks.

30 Rock
Speaking of rocks, 30 Rock kicks serious ass.  (Was that a pun?  If so, it was terrible.)  You just can’t go wrong with Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey and excellent writing.  So many good episodes…  I’ll say “100” is my current favorite – four Alec Baldwins!

SIDEWAYS JACK: Okay, we’re obviously all thinking it so I’m just going to say it. We’re going to have sex with each other, right?
PAST JACK:  Yeah. Yeah.

The Office  (U.S.)
I hear it’s all down hill since Steve Carell left the show (or at least the ratings are), but I haven’t seen hardly any of those episodes yet.  I’ve tried to watch the original U.K. version, but I gave up quickly.  It seemed a little too sterile for my taste, but perhaps it improved as it went on, which was certainly the case with its American counterpart.  It’s a weird show, and I’ve never understood why all the cameras are around, but I’m a big fan.  I think “The Dinner Party” is my favorite episode…  or maybe “Customer Survey.”  Very hard to decide.  (“That’s what she said.”)

Unlike Family Guy, Futurama has returned with a vengeance – meaning it went off the air, then came back, and the quality didn’t fall off a cliff.  I’m a big fan of “The Farnsworth Parabox,” but there are so many good episodes, it’s hard to choose.  When it comes to ensemble comedies, nobody puts together as wacky a group as Futurama.

FRY:  You’re from Jamaica?  I thought you were some sort of outer space Potato Man.

I don’t know why, but I still think that is one of the funniest lines anyone has ever uttered on TV.  Maybe it’s because the show had been on for years by the time Fry finally said this.

The IT Crowd
“Have you tried turning it off an on again?”  Yeah, I’ve written about this show before, so check it out.  Again, so many good episodes… “Return of the Golden Child,” “Are We Not Men,” and “Friendface” are amongst my favorites.

Chappelle’s Show
See, this is the sort of show I thought Saturday Night Live should have always been – they should have just started calling it “Saturday Night” and given us filmed sketches instead.  Oh, and make the show a half hour shorter – at least.  Anyway, Dave Chapelle got it done – this show is amazing.  Great sketches, great musical guests – this show is one of the best ever.  My favorites include “Black Bush,” “The Love Contract,” “Samuel L. Jackson Beer,” “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories:  Prince,” and “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories:  Rick James.”  And that’s just off the top of my head.

Parks and Recreation
I really thought this was going to be some crappy, warmed over version of The Office, but it’s not, even though the style is nearly identical.  Parks and Recreation is in many ways superior and not nearly as monotonous as The Office, and I wonder if that will be the key to its longevity – also, like Futurama, the ensemble characters a lot more diverse – but both shows get props for casting actors that look like real people rather than models.  Hmm…  favorite episode…  I’ll go with “Li’l Sebastian.”

I ran off a list of hospital shows to my buddy (who is a doctor) and asked him which show was the closest to reality and he picked this one.  Entertaining and faithful to the real world?  Hardcore.  I love how the characters evolved over time, the medical mysteries, the a Capella band roaming the halls…  it’s a great show.  I’ll have to get back to you concerning a favorite episode.

Trying to Warm up to:  The Guild, Peep Show
The Guild is about these people who play online role playing games together.  I’ve only seen one episode and it hasn’t latched into me yet, but it has potential.  Peep Show is another one of those BBC shows with insufferable characters that I can’t stop watching.  I kind of want to, but I can’t.

Also Check Out – The Avengers:  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
If you’re thinking, “Is he fucking serious?” I assure you, the answer is yes.  The Avengers cartoon is great, but the theme song blows.  They wised up and cut down on its crap factor as time went on, but it’s still shitty.

Party Down is no longer available via streaming.  This is AWFUL NEWS.  I recommend you just buy it outright – it’s that good.

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