Words With Friends is What Now?

I’m thinking that my post YOLO, FTW and Other Reasons I’m Old seems to be the first part in a series of posts about me being old – so I guess this is part two.

There’s this game out there.  It’s called “‘Words With Friends.”  I think you play it on a mobile device.  That is everything I know about the subject.  What does that say about me?

Learning that there is a game called, “‘Words With Friends” can be a very harrowing experience if you hear about it from media rather than a friend.  The implications are numerous and painful when you realize there is this thing out there that people do with their friends and it has ‘friends’ right in the title.  I didn’t feel nearly as bad about “Draw Something” as I did when I heard about “‘Words With Friends” because “Draw Something” didn’t indirectly imply I was a loser.


Just a shitty artist, I guess?

So many questions…

Why don’t I know what “‘Words With Friends” with friends is?
Don’t I have any friends?  Friends who would want to play “‘Words With Friends” with me?
How out of the loop am I?  If this is what’s hip and I don’t know a damn thing about it, what does that say about me?

Fuck… do people still say ‘hip?’

If you’re reading this and I’m writing it, does this count as “‘Words With Friends?”  If it doesn’t… fuck.

Wait.  You know what?  I don’t play that!  I’m going to dig into this thing from the beginning and find out what’s the damn deal here.

The first time I heard about “‘Words With Friends” was when Alec Baldwin got kicked off an airplane for refusing to stop playing the game on his phone… presumably with his friends.  (Alec Baldwin has friends!)  See, anytime someone says ‘Alec Baldwin,’ my ears prick up because Alec Baldwin is BAD ASS.  Allow Mr. Baldwin to demonstrate:

“It takes BRASS BALLS to sell real estate.”

See?  Even that guy has friends (Mitch and Murray), and he’s kind of an asshole.  I bet they all play “‘Words With Friends” together on their Blackberries.

But what the hell is “‘Words With Friends?”   I checked out the official site’s rules page to find out.

Overall Objective:
Players exchange turns forming words horizontally or vertically on the board, trying to score as many points as possible for each word.

Huh.  You mean it’s “Scrabble?”


Yep. It’s “Scrabble.”

Or maybe it’s “Scrabble” on steroids.  It’s certainly no “Marble Blast 2.”


I matched a color with a like color! So much more intellectual than “‘Words With Friends.”

Maybe that’s why nobody told me about “‘Words With Friends”- because it’s all about words, and I have a bachelor’s degree in English composition.  (Ladies.)  It doesn’t show, but there it is – perhaps my word power is intimidating.  After all, I wrote 3500 words about Star Trek V (ladies), so when I get on a tear, I can be dangerous.  Like… you know, a dangerous guy with words.  Uhm, like The Riddler, I guess, but dressed in less green.


Fuck!  I’m wearing a green shirt in my shitty drawing. Lousy lack of art supplies. (Ladies.)

Anyway, challenge me to a game!  I will bring you new levels of challenge never before experienced!

Now if I can just figure out how to install “‘Words With Friends”on my phone…

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