With Fall Election Looming, Republicans Tell College Students and Graduates To Go F*ck Themselves

I still have a student loan floating around out there.  It’s not a ton of money, but the Senate Republicans went out of their way to remind me that I need to start moving this debt around from one short term interest free credit card to the next.  Today’s vote doesn’t effect me, because as I understand it, this failure to keep student loan rates low only applies to Stafford Loans, but why pay interest when you don’t have to?  If I’ve learned anything from Republicans, it’s that I need to exploit every loop hole and remind people less fortunate than myself that I hate them.

Probably not going to do the latter.

Today’s vote on the Senate floor kept the bill from coming up for consideration.  This means they were going to debate (not vote) whether or not the bill was a good thing, which would keep student loan rates at 3.4% rather than raising them back to 6.8% for low and middle income undergraduates who receive subsidized Stafford loans – they were not actually going to vote to pass or reject the bill.  Shit, we can’t even have a debate?  The Republicans object to paying for this proposed continuing of decreased interest rates by changing a tax law that lets some high rollers avoid paying Social Security and Medicare taxes by classifying their income as dividends and not cash because these folks are job creators.  Keep in mind this is only a one-year extension and not a permanent change to the law and that the American unemployment rate is currently at 8.2%.  Americans owe about $1 trillion in student loans, more than they owe in credit card debt.

This is the 21st successful filibuster of a Democratic bill by Republicans during the 111th Congress.  So this shouldn’t be a surprise.  Just take a look at their candidate for president; Mitt Romney advised graduates as follows:

“Take a shot, go for it, take a risk, get the education, borrow money if you have to from your parents, start a business.”

Right.  I’m sure most families can bankroll their kid’s college educations, never mind their post graduate business ventures.  But I get it.  Message received:

Rich people = Good.  “They always vote, make lots of campaign contributions and politicians are (by and large( rich people themselves, so hooray for us!”
Poor people = Bad.  “They don’t always vote and are not as white as politicians.  Bunch of lazy minority slackers!”


“Who thinks we should give ourselves a tax break while simultaneously screwing college students?”

PICTURED ABOVE:  Mostly rich white men who gave us the finger today.
PICTURED BELOW:  People who would probably vote Democrat if they didn’t have to work on Tuesdays and could get to the polls before they closed.


I couldn’t find clip art of white people working a cash register – even clip art is racist. That’s fucking beautiful.

Taxes are at a 30 year low, wealth inequality and unemployment are both high and I don’t see the so called ‘job creators’ creating a damn thing.  So screw you, Senate Republicans – I hope the president puts more than 6.8% of his foot up your collective ass.

(I just assume the FBI has a file on me because I email Congress all the time to tell them how bad they suck.  I have to wonder if this will end up in my greatest hits collection they’re most likely compiling over at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue.  If so, I really hope the clip art makes the cut!)

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