Shameless Afternoon Self Promotion

It’s been crazy around here at – yesterday was the website’s busies day in terms of views – 303! That tops the old standard busiest day ever by… a lot. I think it used to be 178, until that got crushed last week and every day since. Yesterday was the first day the site broke 300 page views. Hardcore!

Anyway, while I do like to comment on stuff here at the site, I don’t always get to everything, and that sort of stuff usually ends up on the Google+ page. I find great stuff there, like this NY Times article on these dudes who play polo on motorcycles in Africa. And they drink beer while they do this. Seriously. Take THAT, American extreme sports enthusiasts!

All of the other social network links (facebook, twitter…) can be found over there on the far right, near the top of the page, but nothing rocks the party like the Google+ page.

See you tomorrow!

Oh, and I’ve got a video coming up for you on Friday! Don’t miss it!

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