Amendment Brewery Doesn’t Screw Around


I’ve only sampled one of their beers, but Amendment Brewery has impressed me so far – especially with their art work!Hell or High Watermelon
I have no idea what’s happening in that scene, but this beer is pretty great.  The combination of a wheat beer with a hint of watermelon is not to be passed up.  (This is the only one I’ve tried.)


Is, “No journey too long,” a sentence fragment?  How about, “No fruit too gigantic”?  Uhm…  “Celebrating the right to be original.”  They’re just not the sort of sentences I would print on a box.  Anyway, it’s good beer.


Back in Black
You think that’s Paul revere?  He sure looks pissed.  And where’s he back from?  I have no idea.  I used to be bad ass and verbatim when it comes to American History, but I just can’t remember.

Brew Free! or die IPA
I think this is the same reaction the presidents on Mount Rushmore would have if someone tried to add Ronald Reagan to their midst.  Lincoln would be all, “F you!  Punch you in the FACE!”

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