How Much is that Commander Riker in the Window?


“Why was I so unpopular before I had the beard?”

I know you probably don’t care (and that’s sort of the point), but there was a 25th Anniversary bash for Star Trek The Next Generation on April 28th, 2012, and the entire cast were reunited in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for the first time since Star Trek Nemesis in 2002. I know, you don’t care.  Hell, I’m a fan of TNG, and I don’t even care.

Even if you’re not a fan, you have to love Jonathan Frakes (who played Commander William Riker), because the guy carries himself with such humility.  Any time you see him doing an interview, he almost always has a self deprecating story to drop.  For example, I’ve heard him say that he’s often thought he was about to be recognized for being him (and he is, as you’ll see), and he expects them to say, “Aren’t you the guy from Star Trek?”  But instead, he gets “Aren’t you Genie Francis‘ husband?” to which he can proudly reply, “Yes, I am!”  I guess everybody loves General Hospital.

The 25th Anniversary bash for Star Trek The Next Generation was no different.  Check this out:

fast forward to 6:33 or go here

Awesome.  How sad is that?

Well, I had to check it out, and the price has gone up from ‘free’ to $9.95!  Sweet Riker inflation!  I guess Frakes gets the last laugh!


“Please buy me… I’m so lonely!”

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