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Look!  Manhattan’s entire Lower East Side is calling me!  I guess they are as excited as I am about the increase in traffic here at

I can’t explain why, but over the last four days, the site has seen an average of over 200 post views a day!  That might not sound like a lot, and in truth, it’s not compared to a big website that does tens of thousands of hits every day, but this is just a little site with no advertising budget to speak of and with me creating most of the content.  Major props to Dr. Girlfriend for her tireless editing work and other help, as well as to Nurse Becky and Chewy Owl (oh he should totally change his name to Major Props!) for content contributions.  The site had been doing over 4000 page views a month since last winter and April 2012 was the best month ever at 4500+ page views. And I think it’s only going to get better.

Starting this month, I’m hoping to crank the video content into high gear. Up first is “I’m Married To Batman!” This web series will give you ladies an idea of what it would be like to be married to the Caped Crusader. Look for the first episode early next week and expect the second episode in June. I’ve got a lot more in the works, but I don’t want to tease too many projects today. However, I will mention that we are shooting our Christmas video this summer to ensure there is plenty of time for post production over the fall.

Thanks for visiting the site! The best is yet to come!

(Or, I’m all washed up and entering my Fat Elvis period. It’s one or the other.)

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