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There’s So Much I Don’t Know About Helicopter Maintenance…

I love the New York Times. There are points during the day when I’m sitting at my desk and I think, “Hm… I wonder if the world outside my office is still where I left it or if everything I’ve ever loved and known is on fire right now! Better check…” and I go to and read about the news of the day. Now it’s not unusual to see something I don’t understand as I’m not that smart, but… what is happening here? Read the rest of this entry

Frozen Yogurt Stores Are Taking Over!

In the last year or so, frozen yogurt stores have been popping up all around me. Read the rest of this entry

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movie review


My Score: 80%

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel stars every British actor you’ve ever heard of that’s older, still alive and NOT Michael Caine.  Despite that fact, the screenplay is not especially well constructed, and when I saw the trailer, I began to wonder why these folks would want to make such a movie at this point in their lives.  I wouldn’t exactly say the story is full of holes or all of the dialogue is terrible, but I guess the lesson here is that even “Mary Had A Little Lamb” sounds awesome when played by a master violinist on a Stradivarius, because this movie is trite and cliche from start to finish, and it’s still pretty good.

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Musings (May 29, 2012)

Just a few random musings on a sleepy afternoon…
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COMING SOON: I’m Married To Batman Ep 2

i-m-married-to-batmanI’m hoping that this Friday, I’ll be able to present you with the second episode of I’m Married To Batman.  For now, here’s a quick look behind the scenes to hold you over.

update:  ep 2 will be up on Friday, June 1st.

Midas Touch… beer?


This won’t make any sense to you unless you’re about my age our older, so allow me to explain.  Midas (the auto repair chain) used to run an extensive ad campaign (back when network TV was dominant) encouraging their customers to “trust the Midas touch,” but seeing that same slogan on beer doesn’t appeal to me at all.  In fact, it sounds pretty gross.

To be fair, “The Midas Touch” refers to King Midas (from Greek mythology), who was famous for turning all he touched to gold, but that doesn’t sound appetizing, either.  I don’t even want to drink Goldschlager, never mind turn my bladder into gold.



I can gather from the cover that Stellaluna tells the heart warming tale of a bat that kills a mother bird and then raises the chicks… Until they’re fat enough for her to eat.  I guess.
Why this was situated with the impulse buys near the register at Whole Foods, I can not guess.

Il Bastardo Wine has a PIMP LABEL


I’ve never tried the stuff, but check out this gangster!  He’s all Godfather 2 and shit, when Vito goes back to Sicily to avenge his father!  There is no scenario that exists that DOESN’T end with this guy getting stabbed in the chest after he finishes that glass of wine.

5 Things That Piss Me Off About Harry Potter

harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallow-bookI’m a Harry Potter nerd – I’ve read the books, seen the movies and I have decent game when it comes to the plot points and the minutia of the universe.  Being a Harry Potter nerd has its downsides (besides the obvious lack of friends that goes along with it) as sometimes, the story or a little element of the universe doesn’t make much sense.  For your consideration, here are the 5 Things That Piss Me Off About Harry Potter. Read the rest of this entry

Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Sandwich!

vegan-egg-saladEvery once and a while, I have an idea, execute the concept and the results are great – this is one of the times.  Here follows the combining of many things to make one thing that is ULTIMATE!  Prepare thy self! Read the rest of this entry

Dharun Ravi Only Got 30 Days?!?

Dharun Ravi has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for using a webcam to spy on his roommate, Tyler Clementi, having sex with a man in their Rutgers University dorm room, and as you undoubtedly know, Mr. Clementi later jumped off the George Washington Bridge to his death after he discovered Mr. Ravi made the encounter public knowledge via Twitter.  I think Mr. Ravi got off light, but not everybody feels the same way.  The idea put forth by Mr. Ravi’s supports that he deserves sympathy and leniency is enough to make me want to puke. Read the rest of this entry

This Sucks: Laundry Woes [Video Rant]

I guess I just don’t have it together when it comes to the basics of life, because when it comes to routine chores, I’m easily confused.  Read the rest of this entry

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