Barack Obama stars in The Graying


The world told him, “No you can’t.”

In 2008, he shouted back, “Yes I can!”

Barack Obama 2008

“Well, I’m not shouting right now.  I’m just pointing out these microphones.  These are quality microphones.  Made in AMERICA, by the way.  Yes we CAN make a quality microphone!”

In 2009, he was inaugurated as America’s first African-American President.


“Being president is AWESOME!”

But he’s about to find out –


“America, this is a time for serious discourse!”

That being president –


“All Americans must face this issue.”

Isn’t easy.


“I’m going gray. For real. Also, I don’t ever remember even THINKING that being president would be easy. What’s wrong with this narrator guy?”

Sorry about that.

Barack Obama stars in The Graying – coming this summer to a theater near you!

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