A Reminder To Stop Texting While Walking

One thing at a time.  It’s a useful adage, as this bear and  gentleman will demonstrate.


Sometimes, bears wander into your driveway.


If you're walking and texting instead of looking where you're going, you may get closer to a bear than you prefer.

Then, you’ll end up on TV with this description under your name:


Best description of anyone being interviewed EVER.

This guy did two things wrong that day:

1.  He didn’t look where he was going

2.  He ran away from a bear – you’re supposed to play dead, not turn yourself into a moving target.

On the other hand, i don’t think I would have reacted that quickly.  If I didn’t have my glasses on, there is a good chance I would have thought it was a really big dog.  I think I would have just stood there and said, “Uhm… hi.  How you doin?”

After I recovered, I would have continued:  “Hot out here today, huh?  I can hardly BEAR it!  huh?  huh?  ya like that?  huh?  Jesus, stop clawing me!  I’ll stop with the puns!  I’ll STOP!”

Anyway, lesson learned:  if you have to send a text, follow these steps:

1.  Stop walking

2.  Observer your surroundings for safety – check for bears.

3.  Send your text

4.  Start walking again.

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