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worst-movies-everRomantic Comedy, as a film genre, is about as dead as it gets.  Adam Sandler certainly has pounded quite a few nails into the coffin with gems such as Just Go With It and his production company’s Zookeeper, but he’s far from the worst offender – maybe just the most frequent.  Sometimes, the same romantic comedy comes out within a few months of each other, like when Just Friends and No Strings Attached combined to form about a half year of terror at the box office.  That isn’t helping any.  But sometimes, a film comes along that is so awful, it surpasses even the most terrible of it’s peers.
Achieving the baddest of the bad isn’t easy, but if you follow this formula, you’ve got a chance

Romance + Time Travel + Butter Spokesman = PAIN

Seriously. Butter Spokesman.

Kate and Leopold stars Hugh Jackman as a man who accidentally time travels from the nineteenth century into the twentyfirst century and meets Meg Ryan and they fall in love.  Meg Ryan gets him a job as her client’s spokesman, who sells margarine.  You with me?  Hugh Jackman plays a time traveling margarine spokesman.

I repeat:

Hugh Jackman plays a time traveling margarine spokesman.

Who the hell wants to see a movie about a time traveling margarine spokesman who falls in love with an older woman who has clearly had some plastic surgery done to her face that makes her look… weird.  The second act begins when he actually tries the margarine and hates it and refuses to continue on as the spokesman, which I guess makes Meg Ryan lose her account… I can’t remember.

“This tastes like saddle soap.”

With like that… yeah.

Another weird thing about this movie is that they travel through time the same way that they do in Men in Black 3 – that is, by jumping off of high places in New York City.  Huh.  Is jumping off stuff to travel through time a movie convention I’m not aware of?  Anyway, at the end of the movie, Meg Ryan decides to go live in the past with Hugh Jackman, which, much to the chagrin of Star Trek and Back to the Future fans, alters the time line and disrupts the space time continuum.  Oh well – who cares about history or the universe?  Meg Ryan’s happiness is at stake!

This movie sucks golf balls through a garden hoseI dare you to watch to the entire flick!

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I just realized – Wolverine AND Sabertooth are in this movie.  This movie is weird as hell.

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