Remains of the Day movie review

My Score:  90%

When two of my favorite actors get together and rumble, it’s all good.

Remains of the Day often revolves around a face off between head butler James Stevens (Anthony Hopkins) and housekeeper Miss Kenton (Emma Thompson) in a grudge match that will result in who is master over the rest of the staff, the house, and whether or not they can convince their master to use his influence to prevent World War II.  So… a broad range of emotions are present!

The acting, directing and cinematography are all products of masters here.  Hopkins and Thompson serve Lord Darlington (James Fox), who allows himself to be persuaded into Nazism.  Meanwhile, Hopkins’ father, William Stevens (Peter Vaughan), comes to serve as an under butler, and additional consequences ensue – not to mention that American Congressman Jack Lewis (Christopher Reeve – Superman in the house!) is trying to help Lord Darlington and his allies see the error or their ways before it’s too late and Germany starts kicking ass.  Hugh Grant is also wandering around as Darlington’s Godson, who comes to see Reeve’s point of view and as a reporter, hopes to get the message out that many aristocrats are not acting in the country’s (or Europe’s) best interest.  Directed by James Ivory  and Cinematography by Tony Pierce-Roberts, these two didn’t go nuts and throw the camera all over the place – there aren’t zillions of crazy moves or crane shots – they just let the locations, sets and actors speak for themselves.  I enjoyed the movie’s over all style; sometimes, films from the UK can be a little too understated for my taste – check out the marriage proposal in Howard’s End.  That’s some funny shit.  This movie does a great job of making you care about the characters and lets plenty of emotion shine through without beating you over the head.

If you haven’t seen this flick, I highly recommend it.

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