Star Wars Kinect for XBox 360 Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Star Wars EVER!

It’s not as though no one has ever made a bad Star Wars game (Masters of Teras Kasi springs to mind), but Star Wars Kinect is so awful that it belongs in a landfill far, far way from any game console.  Just look:

I’m sorry, but there is no defending this.  Because there is only so much you can do when ‘you are the controller,’ Star Wars Kinect for XBox 360 is an unholy abomination that has damaged our culture and my fragile perception of humanity in ways I never thought could be possible.  In other words, what the FUCK were they thinking?  I know dancing around like an asshole goes with Kinect like a cybernetic limb replacement goes with your dismembered stump after your father cuts your hand off, but jeez.  This is friggin terrible!

Star Wars Kinect for XBox 360 makes Jar Jar Binks look like Boba Fett.  And that… is friggin impossible.  How’d they do it?  I’m almost impressed with their awfulness.

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