Hannah and Her Sisters movie review

My score:  80%

If I wrote a blurb for this movie, it would go something like this:

“Elliott (Michael Caine) is married to Hannah (Mia Farrow) who is way out of his league, but is simultaneously in love with her sister Lee (Babara Hershey), who is also way out of his league and apparently uses olive oil to style her hair.  Meanwhile, Mickey (Woody Allen) is a hypochondriac who may be dying and is divorced from Hannah (who is way out of his league), but has been fixed up with Hannah’s other sister, Holly (Dianne West), who is also way out of his league and stands out as bat-shit crazy in a story littered with insane characters.”

So yeah, I didn’t love this movie.

Hannah and Her Sisters is certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes at 88% (users) and 93% (critics), but I find these numbers to be a bit high.  The movie has strong performances, a few laughs and great directing, but it drags – it feels way longer than it’s actual 1 hour and 43 minutes running time.  Also, the characters are just not believable – they’re all a bunch of whack jobs of the highest order, and only one (Holly) seems to have a drug problem.  If they were all coked out of their minds, that would at least explain the consistently insanely irrational behavior – and it’s also hard to accept that all of these beautiful women are married to these older, homely gentlemen…  although on a personal note, it does give me hope.

This movie is worth a look, but if you’ve never seen Woody Allen’s Manhattan, I’d check that out instead – it’s better and it’s shorter.  On the other hand, you can get a great look at a young Lewis Black and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in an early scene.

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