Mormons On YouTube Are In My Face

Have you ever seen any of those “…and I’m a Mormon” ads on YouTube?  For some reason, I see them all the time.  I must be ripe for conversion or something…   Huh.  You make one allusion to Jesus Christ and suddenly everyone wants you to join their team.  I guess I should be flattered.

Anyway, this is what I’m talking about:


"I know you'd rather learn about Mormons than what you were planning to watch. Come on! Click me!"

See, going door to door is for suckers… or Jehovah’s Witnesses, I guess.  YouTube is where it’s at, and I can see why this would be their strategy; take Jeff as an example. This is Jeff:


"What up."

Jeff doesn’t fuck around:


Mormons do it with one hand.

Jeff is a sculptor for Harley Davidson, which means things are coming up all JEFF in terms of career as he loves both motorcycles and sculpting, so, you know, cool job for Jeff.  He talks about he he’ll chill with anyone who is of any relgion and loves to talk with people he disagrees with and likes to coexist, ride Harley Davidson motorcycles and just look tough.  Oh, and there is this very quick shot of Jeff with his family.  It goes by in just about a sec or so, which is good editing, but it doesn’t really give you the opportunity to take it in.  Let’s take closer look:


"Being a Mormon is fun!"

So I guess this is Jeff’s family…  just guessing.  The video is called “I’m a sculptor for Harley & a Family Man and I’m a Mormon”, it’d say that it’s a fair guess that this is his family, although the video never talks about his family.  I’m guessing this is because both women that flank him on either side are his wives.  Because, you know – they’re Mormon.  That’s how they roll.

Sorry, that’s not how I roll.  You seem like a nice dude and all, Jeff, and I’m sure your family is lovely, but we’re not going to be friends.  Like, ever.  I’m down with and have respect for other cultures, and what ya’ll do at home (as long as it’s consensual and legal – although bigamy is not legal…  I guess they get a religious exemption) is not for me to judge.  I have a lot of friends and many of us come from very different paths and backgrounds… but I’m sorry, I just can’t chill with you folks.  I don’t get how your system works…  you know, like The Binars from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Maybe that’s not a fair comparison, or even a serious one, but then, I’m not serious guy – despite the number of comas used in this sentence.

Thanks for sharing, Jeff, but of all cultures on earth, yours is still the one I have hardest time understanding.*



*There is other stuff going on in the world I don’t care for, but at least I understand where it comes from.  It should also be noted that not all Mormons believe in bigamy, but it sure looks like Jeff does.  Too bad they didn’t address that in the video.

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