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Erotic Fruit…?


There is something just a bit off about this photo…  Can’t quite put my finger on it…


It’s because there’s two… instead of two…  Oh.  That’s my fault.

My girlfriend has this wonderful way of saying my name that indicates I’m in trouble.  Something like, “Jay-me…”  This post ought to produce one of those.

‘No Dumping’ sign boasts idle threat


This is the weakest warning sign I’ve ever seen.  Who designed this?  And what’s worse, who paid for it?  “Violators may be prosecuted.”  What the hell kind of threat is that?  “Yeah, if we feel like it, you’re in deep shit. Maybe.”

I took this in front of a Home Depot; why in the holy mother of damnation would someone dump a bunch of crap in front of a store that’s certain to have security cameras monitoring the building?  I don’t get it.

Barack Obama stars in The Graying


The world told him, “No you can’t.” Read the rest of this entry

Tim Burton Movies Kinda Suck

Over the years, I feel that I’ve been fed this narrative concerning Tim Burton, and what an amazing director he is – he’s so creative, that sort of thing.  In my head, I call him “The Guy With The Stereotypical Goth Art Student Look Who Makes Almost Every Movie He Directs Look Like German Expressionism,” because that’s easier than remembering his name is ‘Tim Burton.’ Read the rest of this entry

Before There Was Twilight…


…There were cheesy romance novels.  Novels that were upfront about their crap factor.  Just look at these covers!  That’s some genuine schlock.

The Lonely Hallway


I can’t explain it, but I’ve always found this hallway to be very lonely looking.  Maybe that’s because of the sterile walls…  or the fact that I’ve never seen anyone in it ever.

more Photos at

5 Ways Around No Skateboarding, Bicycle Riding, Roller Blading, Scooter Riding signs


I find this sign to be very…  specific.  Why not “Pedestrians only” or “No Manually Operated Vehicles” or something that doesn’t list specific devices?  A sign like this is just begging a kid to challenge it.  So kids, here are 5 things that this sign doesn’t prohibit. Read the rest of this entry

Trader Joe’s Vegetable Panang Curry

trader-joesTrader Joe’s Vegetable Panang Curry is just that – some jasmine rice (microwavable jasmine rice might be Trader Joe’s most impressive microwavable product) and some vegetable curry. Read the rest of this entry

Poop Posse?


Call it a Pooper Scooper, call it a  Pet Waste Pick-Up System…  or call it a Poop Posse.  Yeah, a Poop Posse.  In case you’re picking up dog crap with a friend, I guess.

Rogue Beer labels


I’m not accusing the folks at Rogue Beer of anything, but when most of your products features photos or drawings of white people on the labels… Read the rest of this entry

Everything Must Go movie review

everything-must-go-movie-posterMy score:  80%

I went into 2010’s Everything Must Go only having seen the commercial during it’s theatrical release way back when, so I didn’t have any expectations whatsoever.  As soon as the movie starts up, it’s clear that this is not one of Will Ferrell’s yelling movies (Anchor Man) but instead, one of his indie flicks (Stranger Than Fiction) – I’m good either way, it’s all about the story, and Everything Must Go has enough story to get by on.

Read the rest of this entry

Leaves of Grass movie review


My score:  90%

I can’t say I was too excited to see the Leaves of Grass title on a movie as I’m not a fan of Walt Whitman, and when I looked closer and saw that Felicity’s Keri Russell was in this flick, I almost threw in the towel.  However, the poster inspired me to give it a try.  I love Ed Norton, and he’s playing twin brothers in this movie, and one of his characters is holding a crossbow – looks like hilarious antics are about to ensue! Read the rest of this entry

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