5 Characters In Movies With Catch Phrases


Catch phrases are awesome.  It’s fun when characters always say the same thing, because I don’t like things that are different!

The Simpsons have always made good use of catch phrases, and since they’ve conquered both the small and large screens, let’s start there:

“Excellent!” – Mr. Burns
“D’oh!” – Homer Simpson
“Aye carumba!” – Bart Simpson
“Mmmm!” – Marge Simpson
“[Burp]!” – Barney
“[suck][suck]!” – Maggie

And so on.  So not only does nearly every character on the show have a catch phrase, the writers have always done a good job of making an additional joke out of it; for example, the kids might use the parent’s catch phrases – i.e., Bart says, “D’oh!” or Lisa says, “Mmmm!”  Of course, Lisa doesn’t really have a catch phrase, which is a joke in itself – her character is too clever and too complex to be boiled down to one simple phrase.

On TV, catch phrases can be effective, but when it comes to movies, it can be hit or miss.  The Simpsons have been both a TV show and a movie and master of the catch phrase, so that’s my gold standard.  Here are 5 more Characters In Movies With Catch Phrases:

HIT:  “Why so serious?”
– The Joker in The Dark Knight
Catch phrasing at it’s very best, Heath Ledger delivers it in several different ways and it’s awesome each time.

MISS:  “I’m too old for this shit!”  –  Lt. Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon movies
I just don’t buy it… Danny Glover is done in by his writer.

HIT & MISS:  “I have a bad feeling about this…”  – everyone in the Star Wars movies
Memorable in the original trilogy (Princess Leia style!) and totally forgettable in the prequel trilogy.

HIT:  “Yippee Ki Yay, mother fucker!”  – John McClain in the Die Hard movies
Bruce Willis can make anything sound awesome.

ERR…  “[giggle] [giggle] [giggle]!”
– John Billings in The Patriot
This is the hardest one to describe.  It’s strangely effective, but all the guy does is giggle, kinda like Mozart does in Amadeus!  Still, it works.

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