12 Songs That Are Really Only 5 Songs

rock-bandIn the world of musical copy write, there are things you can and can’t do – specially, you can copy write a melody, but not a chord progression.  I understand that if you could copy write a cord progression, the lawsuits would fall like raindrops, but I still think people stretch this point to the breaking point.  Here are 12 songs that are, in my opinion, really only 5 songs.

“Ghostbusters” VS “I Want A New Drug”

My understanding is that Huey Lewis was tapped to write a theme song for Ghostbusters (all movies had title songs in the 1980s… Better Off Dead and Pretty in Pink spring to mind), but it didn’t work.  They turned to Ray Parker Jr. and later settled out of court when Lewis sued them for blatantly plagiarizing his melody.  [Wikipedia]

“My Sweet Lord” VS “He’s So Fine”

Even a Beatle can screw up.  George Harrision and Ronnie Mack battle it out here, and for some reason, it took a court ten fucking years to decide that Harrison subconsciously copied the tune and paid out $587,000 in damages.  [Wikipedia]

“Echoes” VS “Phantom of the Opera”

I saw a commercial for Phantom of the Opera, jumped out of my chair and ran to the computer to pull up Pink Floyd’s “Echos” and sure enough, the internet was all over it, as seen above.  This might count as a chord progression, but… I don’t know.  I still feel this one is really blatant.

I V vi IV:  “When I Come Around” VS “Glycerine” VS “Head Over Feet”

Lots of songs use this chord progression, but this one really hit home to me as I’d only been playing guitar for a short time when these three songs came out and learning my friends favorites was still something I was willing to do – this was a nice three-for-one – learn one barre chord transition, transpose to a different key, call it a day.

“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” VS “25 or 6 go 4” VS “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” VS “Brain Stew”

This one came to slowly over time; in this instance in what I guess is another case of shared cord progression, George Harrison is the victim.  Chicago, Led Zeppelin and finally Green Day all went out and grabbed a piece of the pie and jammed out to one of the most iconic progressions in rock.  Pick your favorite version – I’m somewhere between “Guitar” and “Babe.”

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