Airplane Phone Holder [Engineering Like A MoFo]

I’ve become reliant on my smart phone since I got the thing last summer.  I knew I could watch movies on the plane during the long flight from Newark to Las Vegas, but the idea of holding it up to my face or straining my neck to look down at my phone on the tray table for hours on end was out of the question.  Sill, I decided that the tray table was going to be a key component to the success of my plan.

I did some quick research, but I found the product I envisioned was not necessarily in resistance.  A temporary solution was necessary and so, like with the Air Defender™, I turned to my old friend, paper board.

As we all know, when tray tables are in their locked and upright position, they are sealed tightly to the seated they are affixed to.  My idea was to simply slip a length of paper board between the tray table and the seat, lock the tray table shut and finally, zip tie my phone to the exposed papler left protruding against the backside of the table.


So, I took this, stuck my phone in it, completed the procedure described above, and I was in business: the Tray Table Phone Friend™ was born!  (The name just rolls right off your tongue.)

Here it is in action:



Boom! Watching The Dark Knight on my phone with a little help from the Tray Table Phone Friend™!

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