Wendy’s To Go Cup [Photo]


At Wendy’s, “Quality Ice Cold Refreshment is our recipe” for Diet Coke.  So I guess that means… what, exactly?  No corn syrup?  No caramel coloring or artificial sweetener?  But presumably ice is on the list.  Or maybe it means, “Hey, our recipe is a secret, so fuck off!”  Of course, I don’t think they’re actually making any soda products, so I don’t know what the point of printing this motto on their cups was in the first place.

But don’t worry, Wendy’s:  as long as you have a location right next to my office, you’ll always be my one stop shop for soda, inconsistent fries and side salads that are about to go bad but not bad enough for me to throw away without at least trying to eat it first.

Oh and baked potatoes.  For some reason, ya’ll knock a plain baked potato (I put salad dressing on it) out of the park every time, but you can’t get the fries right.  Fascinating.

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