Settle Your Differences Supermarket Sweep Style

Several months ago, I was walking through the grocery store and saw this:


And I thought to myself, “Are some of these tasty hot breakfast options KILLING the American Dream?  I better go in for a closer look.”


I read the sign and just could not focus on the message.  Being confronted with this sort of issue in a supermarket broke my brain.  I must have read the sign four or five times, but my girlfriend and I never actually discussed the information displayed because of two things:

  1. The fact that such a sign was taped to a shelf in the grocery store.  Who put it there?  The supermarket employees?  Were they instructed to do so by corporate, or perhaps by their union, who is sympathetic to the plight of this union?  The idea that the hot cereal shelf was the place for this sort of debate was fascinating to us.
  2. The scanny-code thingy!  What are those called again?  Oh… code scans.  Anyway, these things make me feel really old; the idea that I carry around a device in my pocket that can scan weird markings on paper and generate information blows my mind to the point that I’ve only mustered the courage to do it once.  Every time I see one, this is what I see in my mind’s eye:


And then, I take out my wallet and do this:

Yeah, I’m an embarrassment to be seen with in public…  probably in private, too.

Anyway, I tried to go to the web page notated on the sign, but the URL doesn’t work.  A quick google search indicated that you really need to go here.  I didn’t end up taking any time to learn more about the situation or where it currently stands, but I hate it when URLs are posted incorrectly.  Somebody should fix that shiz.

But here’s what I do know:  two groups that work in an industry related to the grocery store are having a dispute, and if this is still an issue, I’ve got a great way to settle it:  Supermarket Sweep battle!

That’s right; put the fate of many and what I presume is millions of dollars in the hands of just a few people dashing around a fake grocery store in awful sweaters.  It’s a stupid, irrational suggestion, but it’ll only take a few minutes and will net a clear winner.

Also, I’d like to see Supermarket Sweep back on the air – I miss it’s horrendously fake enthusiasm and stock  production values.

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