The Trip (quick movie review)

stars-three-halfA Quick Review!  Sometimes, I don’t have a lot to say about a movie, no matter how much I liked or disliked it.  When that happens, I get my Quick Review on.  Word.

The Trip (2011)

Whenever I see a mockumentary, I have to judge it against This Is Spinal Tap, which is unfair, but that’s my standard.  Of course, The Trip can’t hold it’s own against such a fierce competitor, yet it’s still a lot of fun and often hilarious.  There’s nothing quite like dueling Michael Caine impressions, is there?  But unlike Tap (or it’s younger brother, A Mighty Wind), the movie lacks an arc and any sense of closure – never before was ‘The End’ more needed at the end of a flick.  Starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon (Brydon is my boy – Gavin and Stacey style!), The Trip is totally worth a watch, but it’s not exactly reinventing the genre – it’s just good fun.

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