Batman goes Bat-Gambling

Batman never leaves home without his gadgets – his utility belt is stocked with batarangs, grapple gun, smoke bombs…  oh and the iconic Bat Spray from the 1960s Adam West movie.  Oh, and, as seen in Batman and Robin, the GothCard.


"Never leave home without it." Sigh.

I guess I can’t hate on the credit card too much because Batman likes to gamble, and when he gambles, he goes to Las Vegas, and when he goes to Las Vegas, he plays the Batman slot machine game.  Obviously, The Dark Knight had a huge theatrical release and made huge bank at the box office.  This, as any big blockbuster, lends itself to a  flood of merchandise, roller coasters and of course, slot machines.  It makes, sense, right?  Well… no, it doesn’t make sense.  Not at all.  It sounds like something I made up, so I took a bunch of photos just so people wouldn’t think I was lying.




This is on the back of each seat.

There are two different games you can choose from.


The Batman game.


The Joker game.


This is on the side of each machine.


And for your Joker enthusiasts, you can partake in Joker’s Heist.

It kinda sucks that Heath Ledger’s photo is plastered all over this crap, but I guess people sign their likeness away; we saw games featuring the following movie/TV themes:

  • I Love Lucy
  • Star Trek
  • Wheel of Fortune (that makes sense)
  • the aforementioned Batman stuff
  • Ghostbusters
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Lord of the Rings

I’m sure I’m leaving a bunch of other ones out.

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