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stars-three-halfA QUICK Review!  I found a bunch of old movie reviews that I never got around to publishing – they’re old, they’re short, but they get the job done!

The Natural (1984)

An aging right fielder (Robert Redford) comes up to the big leagues and eventually works his way into the starting line up. This movie has really great moments, but it doesn’t flow for me.  (What’s the deal with the beginning?  What’s Barbara Hershey’s problem?  Why doesn’t Roy want anyone to know where he was during the missing 16 years – and where was he, anyway?)  The movie is sort of spotty at times, but Redford is great in it, like he is in everything. It’s definitely worth a look and fans of the game should not miss this one. “Pick me a winner”… well maybe not this time, but it’s a solid flick in any event.

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