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stars-four-halfA QUICK Review!  I found a bunch of old movie reviews that I never got around to publishing – they’re old, they’re short, but they get the job done!  Memento was the first Christopher Nolan movie I saw, and I’ve been hooked on the guy ever since.

Memento from 2000:

Guy Pearce is Lenard (my favorite of his performances) and is now disabled since his ‘accident’ – he can’t create any new memories. Who’s playing on his disadvantage? Pretty much everybody.  Matrix costars Carrie-Anne Moss(as Natalie) and Joe Pantoliano (as Teddy Gammell) are great supporting actors, and Christopher Nolan’s directing and screenplay are outstanding.  If you haven’t seen much in the way of film noir, Memento is a good starting point.

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